For Top Tier Concrete Resurfacing, Polishing, and Stenciling for Your Brisbane Business, Call Upon Topline Floor Care Pty Ltd

When it comes to making a good impression, the way your business presents itself is one of the most important factors. Looking good is about more than just having an attractive exterior to your building, however. The inside must look just as good. If you use concrete flooring, especially as a showroom floor, it’s important for it to maintain that “like new” lustre it had when you first opened your doors. Otherwise, you might not be making the right impression. Foot traffic over time can wear down the concrete, making it look dilapidated and old. When that happens, it’s time to bring it back to life with Topline Floor Care Pty Ltd.’s services in concrete resurfacing in Brisbane.

Our process is like putting in a whole new floor — without the need to break up and replace the old concrete. Not only that, but we also offer concrete stenciling to Brisbane businesses. We can paint your company logo, a pattern, or all kinds of other designs right on the floor in vibrant colours. When guests enter your business after we’ve finished the polishing job, it’ll be like your floor hasn’t aged a day. Best of all, we are highly cost-effective and ready to spring into action for you.

Concrete stenciling lends your Brisbane business floor a beautiful look

Every concrete floor is unique, so before we begin resurfacing your business’s flooring, we’ll take a good look at it to understand what you need. Then, we’ll bring in our grinding and polishing machines to remove the unsightly and traffic-worn surface which you no longer want. Once we have revamped the way your floor looks, its shiny surface will be quite attractive. It is now ready for stenciling.

Not only will your new surface be non-slip, providing a beautiful floor to walk upon, but it will look excellent as well. We have more than 80 colours from which you can choose, and 50+ patterns to select. Adding a splash of colour and a design that really pops can transform the interior space of your showroom floor. We’re happy to discuss the best approach with you; we hope that when we finish our polishing and stenciling efforts, you’ll be delighted with the results. Best of all, the new surface will be able to stand up once again to the heavy traffic your business receives.

With free quotes and sample tests, your satisfaction is our goal

When your business’s flooring needs a facelift, nothing gets the job done quite like Topline Floor Care’s polishing and concrete stenciling. Brisbane firms looking for a reliable and quality service to depend on for keeping their floors in top shape can count on us every time. As a family business, we are not only able to offer better rates, but we believe in a more trustworthy and friendly experience as well. We understand you can’t simply take a leap of faith with your business; as a result, we’re glad to offer quotes free of charge while also demonstrating our techniques on a small sample area. Visit our contact page today to learn more.