Concrete Floor Services

Topline Floor Care are experts at concrete floor restoration cleaning by transforming and rejuvenating your existing concrete to a stylish and impressive sealed surface.

Stone Tile Floor Services

Topline Floor Care is a premier floor restoration and maintenance business that render its restoration, cleaning and polishing services for all the types of natural and man made stone floor surfaces.

Vinyl Floor Services

Topline Floor Care provides full services from stripping, resealing, and buffing to a gleaming condition. We have the expertise and experience to maintain your floors in prime condition.

Why Choose Us

Topline Floor Care adhere to industry best practice for working conditions and occupational health and safety. For our clients, we provide services and support that meet and wherever possible exceed their expectations.

Environmentally Friendly

At Topline Floor Care we have a healthy respect for the environment therefore we source the best technologies available and wherever possible we use environmentally sound and biodegradable cleaning products and consumables.

Our Contract Services

We will provide your business with a customised program to ensure that your floors are revitalised and protected. Our approach to our cleaning programs ensures a high degree of cleaning safety and a consistently high level of service.

Industry Cleaning Services Overview

We have extensive cleaning and restoration service experience in domestic and also in many industries and organisations including; food processing, hotels and apartments, medical centres, industrial manufacturing, shopping centres, commercial offices and retail shops.

Topline Floor Care have specialised in tailoring cleaning and disinfection systems and services to the customer requirements. Our solutions are based on basic fundamentals which include experienced staff, source the best cleaning products and consumables, routine inspections to maintain control, and prompt follow up to issues. This has proven over the years to work and achieve quality outcomes.


Concrete ‘in-depth’ Cleaning

The benefits of using Topline Floor Care’s concrete floor rejuvination cleaning means the floor is cleaned much more ‘in-depth’ by our specially developed grinding / honing and scrubbing machines. This results in leaving the concrete floor in a spectacular gleaming condition ready for Colour Tint Sealing or Colour Stencilling.

Choosing Colour Schemes

When choosing your colour scheme you should consider existing aspects of your home such as colours of your bricks, roofing, guttering, windows, fencing, garage doors, pools, tiling etc.

Choosing Stencil Patterns

Add personal features like company logos or artistic designs with custom manufactured stencils. Some of the custom designs we have made included sporting / business logos, compasses, shape designs etc.

Why Choose Stencilled Concrete?

If you are looking to improve the look of your driveway or patio on a low budget, stencilled concrete is the perfect solution. It adds a professional stylish finish every time with unbeatable fade resistance when maintained. With a huge range of colour and pattern combinations available, this non-slip surface is almost totally maintenance free. We can also apply texture finishes that may lessen the risk of skidding or slipping in wet areas around the business, home walkways and pool surrounds. With over 50 patterns and 80 colours to choose from, you’re sure to find something to suit your taste.

We Use Australian Made Products

The products we use are made here in Australia and manufactured to stand up to the hard weather conditions. It not only looks fantastic, it’s hard wearing and durable too.

Our concrete grinding machines provide ingenuity by removing layers of concrete saturated with contaminates and keeping all the debris sealed in our machines’ collection systems for local authority regulations for proper disposal.